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Contributing to ConvoStack

As an open-source project, we welcome and greatly appreciate your contributions as GitHub pull requests!

Please find more details below on how to set up and start working with the ConvoStack monorepo below:

Monorepo setup

# Clone the monorepo

# Install all dependencies (from root)
npm install

# Build
turbo build

# Watch
turbo dev

# Run codegen (only necessary after GraphQL or Prisma schema changes)
turbo codegen

Changeset Workflow

# Add a new changeset

# Create new versions of packages
changeset version

# Publish all changed packages to npm
changeset publish

Add a monorepo package to the main convostack package

All convostack/* packages live in the packages/ directory and follow the convostack-package-name folder naming convention. To add a new package, reference one of the many existing packages.

Just because a package has been defined in the packages/ directory does NOT mean that it will automatically available in the main convostack NPM package.

In order to add a package to the main convostack package, you must:

  1. Add a new folder with the following naming convention to the packages/convostack/src folder. For example, for a package named convostack/example-subpackage, you would create the directory packages/convostack/src/example-subpackage and a corresponding index.ts file packages/convostack/src/example-subpackage/index.ts that would serve to re-export your original package from within the parent convostack package. The index.ts file should only contain one line: export * from 'convostack/example-subpackage';
  2. Add your package to the dependencies of convostack. Using the example from above, you would add "convostack/example-subpackage": "*" to packages/convostack/package.json's dependencies. Please note that for all of this to work for end users, you must publicly publish the convostack/example-subpackage package to NPM, since convostack does not actually bundle these dependencies internally.
  3. To ensure that the entrypoints for imports are properly generated, you must also add your package to the entrypoints defined in the packages/convostack/scripts/create-entrypoints.js file. Using the example from above, you would add "example-subpackage": "example-subpackage/index", to the entrypoints map.
  4. When you run turbo build in the root of the monorepo, it will now automatically build and properly provide your package via the mainconvostack package.